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As a leading Global Export Company, Our commitment to excellence and strategic partnerships enables us to offer customized solutions that fit your specific business needs.  

What We Do

Global Export Company - Cargo ship fully loaded with colorful shipping containers going for Export


Our diverse portfolio spans multiple industries, offering a wide range of products to meet both domestic and international customer needs.

Global Export Company - Integration


We seamlessly integrate supply chain management and operational processes to enhance efficiency and streamline your business activities.

Global Export Company


Our expertise simplifies the complexities of trade procedures and documentation, ensuring efficient, hassle-free operations for your business.

Our Products

Recyclable and Reusable Glass of Global Export Company

Plastic Cafe Glasses

Biodegradable Glasses and Articles of Global Export Company

Biodegradable Glasses

Biodegradable-Containers of Global Export Company

Biodegradable Containers

About Us

Bridging Markets with Quality and Sustainability Founded in 2020, Hugehanu Global, a leading global export company has swiftly established itself as a premier supplier of high-quality and diverse products ranging from household plastics to disposable plastics and paper goods to handicrafts and eco-friendly items.


A Leading Global Export Company

Feedback & Reviews

Explore real testimonials from our valued clients and see how our solutions have transformed their businesses. Read what our customers have to say.

Working with Hugehanu Global feels like having a good friend who knows all the ropes. They’ve helped us sell our stuff overseas without all the usual drama. They’re total lifesavers.

David Smith

Hugehanu Global has never let us down. Their products are exactly what they promise—high quality, innovative, and perfectly suited to our market needs.

Kartika Wonda

The personal attention we receive from Hugehanu Global is unparalleled. They are not just our service provider; they are our business partner, invested in our growth and responsive to our ever-changing needs.

Sanjay Patel

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